MIK100 Master Adapter Kit


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This brass adaptor will renew from 80% to 90% of all orifices, enabling them to use a higher B.T.U gas. Obsolete as well as modern appliance orifices can be renewed efficiently at a minimum cost. The MI100 Adaptor is the most essential item in the serviceman’s kit. Very often, the Adaptor saves the serviceman a trip back to the shop when he does not have the proper replacement. The existing cap or plug on the appliance can be quickly renewed on the job, saving time and money.

Explanation of tools and how to  install the MI100 Adaptor:

First, remove the existing orifice from the appliance and insert it in the Anvil (TL074 provided), where it is secured by the thumb screw. Next, ream out the orifice, using the Reamer (TL010 provided) in conjunction with the Hand piece (TL061 provided). Always turn the reamer in one direction. This will provide the proper size hold for the adaptor.

Remove the orifice from the anvil. Insert adaptor (which is tapered to allow for insertion) into the reamed hole.

Place the orifice on the end of the anvil. Using the Driving Tool (TL063 provided) strike with hammer to fully position the adaptor. On the end of the anvil is a small counter sunk hole located off center; place head of adaptor into this hole.

With the orifice in this position, insert the Crimping Tool (TL062 provided) and strike once or twice. This will flare the adaptor and allow an uninterrupted flow of gas.

Part # MIK100

Product Information:

Part Name Part Number Size Piece Count Product Link
Master Orifice Adapter-#72 MI100-72 #72 100 View Product
Handle For Reamer & Broach TL061 1 View Product
Crimping Tool For Large Plugs TL062 1 View Product
Driving Tool TL063 1 View Product
Crimping Tool For Smaller Plugs TL064 1 View Product
Large Reamer 5/32" Diameter TL070 1 View Product
Safety Anvil TL074 1 View Product