Special Tools & Accessories

In addition to the wide variety of quality parts, gauging drill kits, orifice kits, reamers, and broaches, Anderson & Forrester supplies an extensive list of special tools and accessories to assist the service professional in every facet of their maintenance of natural gas or propane applications. No one else can provide this combination of unique tools and accessories found in one place!

FT124/FT125 Barbed Hose Fittings

TL050 Burner Broach

TL051 Serviceman’s Friend

TL061 Handle For Reamer & Broach

TL062 Crimping Tool For Large Plugs

TL063 Driving Tool

TL064 Crimping Tool For Smaller Plugs

TL068 Reamer (small) 3/32″

TL069 Reamer (medium) 1/8″ diameter

TL070 Reamer (large) 5/32″ Diameter

TL071 Reamer (Industrial) 0.204 Diameter

TL072 Pin Vise For Gauging Drills

TL074 Safety Anvil

TL085 Gas Match

TL086 Shot-a-Lite Flint Match

TL087 Match Holder, Extendable

TL090 Micro Pin Vise with Drills

TL095 Pilot Cleaning Pump Kit

TL096 5-Piece Positioning and Spring Hook Set

TL097 4″ Micro Tube Brush Kit

TL100 6″ Digital Electronic Calipers

TL101 Thread Pitch Gauge

TL102 Retractable Orifice Reamer Cleaner

TL331 Manometer

VA126 Graphite Stop Cock Grease