About Us

Our Past and Future

From the beginning in 1928, and as outlined in our Catalog #11 above from 1959, the focus and mission of Anderson & Forrester has been to provide quality products and outstanding customer service. As in the beginning, Anderson & Forrester continues these attributes. As the markets we serve continue to evolve, we remain committed to uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. Our focus is to be the “one source” provider for any original equipment manufacturer for their natural gas and propane orifice and conversion fitting needs, and to be the top supplier of replacement parts, gauging drills, broaches, reamers, and special tools in support of the gas service industry.

We value the customer relationships we have and look to expand our business by growth from the original equipment manufacturer, distributors, and direct customers throughout the United States and beyond.


Click here to view the full 1959 Catalog Cover and Introduction Statement pages.

Our Leadership Team

Our Operations Team

Brenden Joyce | Lead Machinist

David Shaddy | Machinist

Dylan Hahn | Machinist

JoAnn Wright | Technician

Our Sales Team