Anderson & Forrester, under the new leadership and direction of M&N Acquisitions, has taken a company rich with history, excellent product quality and uncompromising customer satisfaction and looks build on their outstanding market recognition in the natural gas and propane industries. This new website is designed to meet the needs of the everyday shopper looking for a solution to their individual project, as well as it is a comprehensive overview of the products and services provided by Anderson & Forrester aimed at the Original Equipment Manufacturers for their replacement parts or new product design and the Service Professional in meeting their everyday demands.

The new look represents the way we at Anderson & Forrester pride ourselves….being connected to the success of our customers through the “flame.” Our slogan, “What Connects Us to Our Customers is the Flame” reinforces the importance of our quality fittings, gauging drills, broaches, reamers, and special tools to the customers we serve in making sure every product is built and maintained in a safe and efficient manner.

We look forward to your feedback on our new site. We strive to improve daily and welcome your thoughts!

If you have ideas please call any of us or you can use our “Contact Us” section to send your comments!